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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Birthday Update

Hi everyone, I'm happy to report Emily's new boyfriend passed Peter's questionaire with flying colours. Did I mention he received extra bonus points for barracking for the Mighty Tigers? Most of the girls at the party said that he (Daniel) was cute, I'll have to take their word on that.

Birthday cake anyone?? MMMMMMMMM!

It tasted just as it looks, fantastic.


Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Gary
Glad Daniel passed the test He looks a nice boy (cute)and too top it off a Tiger . and all those calories in that lovely cake I just put a Kilo on looking at it . Yummy . Take care all Love Mum xxxx

2:03 pm  
Blogger Cazz said...

Hey Bro,

Glad the new BF passed musta. Emily looks happy, like the cat that got the cream !!! You go GF !!

I dont suppose you thought of freezing up a slice or two of cake, looks yummy .. and glad to see its a well balanced cake, all the good food groups .. fruit,, dairy .. and CHOCOLATE... mmm love chocolate !!!


2:50 pm  
Blogger Marcus said...

Shame Daniel's taste in girls is not matched by his taste in football teams!

BTW I'm now officially on the Sydney bandwagon, Carn the Swans.

10:48 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Looks like a good party goin' on there Gaz, Emily is looking more like her Mum everyday, (lucky girl, she could have taken after her Dad.)

11:29 am  

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