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Saturday, October 07, 2006

In Memory of Dad as posted by Mum,
Carol, Gary, Donna, Joanne

4 July 1936 - 7 October 2004

My darling Alan

My life changed forever
When you were taken from me two years ago today
And I still ask why you were taken away so soon.

Alan you were the love of my life
The hardest part is living life without you
I sense your presence at times,
Which gives me the strength to go on

Thinking of you every minute of every day
You are always in my heart.
Thank you for the precious memories
That are mine to hold onto forever and a day

Carol, Gary, Donna & Joanne would like to share with you all the following reading that they wrote & Carol read at Alans funeral service.

Dad, you were our teacher
From you we learned the rules of right and wrong
You gave us strength, hope and courage
You taught us to stand up, be ourselves,
You encouraged us to strive and achieve.
But most of all you showed us how to love each other,
Be there for each other, to stick together, be a united front.

There were times when we rebelled,
You would just look at us with “the look”
Arguments would follow, but stubborn we would remain.
You would just shake your head,
and eventually accepted that we just had to do, and learn for ourselves.
How lucky we were to have been loved so well.

You were proud of us all,
In so many different ways.
You were our rock,
The person we turned to, looked up to and respected
You saw us through the good times
and guided us through the hard times.
Your were not one to express “mush” and sentiment
You didn’t need to, we knew, we were your life, and you knew, you were ours.

We will miss you though we know you are here beside us
We will miss your arguments, laughter, and fun,
We will miss so much, we cant even express
But most of all, we will miss your love, though ours for you remains

You were, are and will be, just as ever, In many minds and hearts, not only ours.
Dad lives in those he left behind, His loved ones and his mates
And so Dad, goodbye does not mean you are gone, so long as we still love you, you live on.



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