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Married to Christine (22 years) and proud father of three children, Alyce,Emily & Nathan. Not as active as I'd like to be, back surgery last year has resulted in my physical life style to be somewhat compromised. I Love having a drink or two with my mates, especially in the Summer months when we take it in turns to hover over the BBQ.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MRI Update

I've had interim results from the MRI yesterday. All is not good, it seems the Spinal cord nerve is still impinged by the original damaged disc.

The new MRI films have been returned to the hospital for a comparison report of the original films.

Next step is a visit to the surgeon for further advice.

BUGGER!!!!! :-)


Blogger Peter said...

Bad news on the MRI front Gary, hope they can sort it out.

11:00 am  
Blogger Donna said...

Good luck Big Brother

8:11 pm  
Blogger Cazz said...

Bugga .. Bugga... Bugga.

Well at least you wont wait so darn long this time to do something about it .. well I'm hoping you wont.

When do you see the surgeon, ohh dont worry just about to ring you anyway... talk in 10min..lmao


8:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hopefuly this will be the last just rember if you need anything you only have to ask
Matt (jimbeamno1)

9:50 pm  
Anonymous gledwood said...

"... I like having a drink with my mates especially in the summer time .." Gazza! You're meant to put stuff that distinguishes you from others in your profile not marks you out as a normal Aussie male - seriously!
I found you via a nice lady called Merle she told me to look down her links. Half my family's in Australia. I was unlucky enough to be born (& bread) in LONDON so I kind of feel 1/2 bereft it was only by an accident of fate that I'm NOT Australian... yet before yesterday I barely met ANYONE from Aus online maybe 2 or 3 people and no-one from Australia read my blog I know this because I have one of those meters.
I hope the old back gets better soon. If you do get surgery just make sure the guy knows what he's doing! I think the situation's changed but a few years ago they wanted my Dad to have an op on his back he looked into it and "backed" out so to speak.
Anyway take it easy mate ...
If you want to drop by mine you're most welcome; I'm at - that's my daily journal. Everything else I do's linked up from there.
All the best
Gledwood "vol 2" ...

12:51 am  

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